Transparent Supply Chain

Consumers and legislators are demanding more transparency and reliable information about the origin and quality of products. In terms of leather, the most important identification system is the ear tag with barcode, which contains the cattle's data that, when updated for vaccinations, diseases and change of ownership, tells the animal's life story.

Compliance with the standards from breeding to transport to slaughter is monitored by a legally binding, risk-oriented control system (official veterinarians, animal welfare officers, chambers of agriculture, etc.).

The requirements regarding safety and animal welfare standards for BIO-certified farms (breeders and slaughterhouses) go even beyond the legal requirements. Therefore, BOXMARK is in the process of concluding appropriate cooperation agreements with these bodies (e.g. with the "ARGE Rind").

As hides used for the production of bovine leather are without exception sourced from animals that have been raised and slaughtered for meat production, these standards can also be applied to the European leather industry.

Our selection of sources from the EU ensures that all hides come from animals that are subject to the legally binding control system (evidenced by accompanying and commercial documents certifying the origin).

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