Reporting System

Sustainable business activity in terms of social, economic and ecological aspects is our standard practice and part of our company’s business policy. Legal regulations and standards as well as international human rights agreements, combating corruption, environmental protection and pursuing sustainability are binding commitments for us. We also expect our employees and partners to comply with laws and regulations as well as the principles defined in our Code of Conduct. The reporting system at BOXMARK was created to draw attention to misconduct or inappropriate behavior. 

Should you have noticed a misconduct by our employees or business partners, please submit your message using the form below. The transmission in this way is anonymous, so your identity is protected.


Your report

Please select from the available categories the one that best corresponds to your message. Describe your information in the field „Message" as accurately as possible. You can also attach a document. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make sure that the attached file does not contain any information about your person. 


Please select the most appropriate category for your message:*

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Breach of laws or violation of rules and regulations relating to BOXMARK


Any unauthorized action by employees or third parties relating to BOXMARK


Any unauthorized modification or use of data, documents or information to conceal mistakes or to gain unfair advantages

Any unethical or dishonest behavior by an employee or a third person that could lead to conflicts with the interests of BOXMARK

All identified actions or situations that are not included in the above categories or which violate the principles set out in BOXMARK's Code of Conduct

Permitted: JPG,ZIP,DOC,DOCX,TXT,RTF,PDF,PPT (10 MB max.)

Please combine your certificates and references into one single file before uploading (preferred file format PDF).

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