Correct conduct is of great importance for BOXMARK and for each individual employee. Statutory as well as internal and external regulations must be complied with by all employees at all our facilities. Fair and honest dealing with each other is a prerequisite for all business activities. We expect the same from our business partners.

BOXMARK has established binding rules of conduct to prevent any misconduct and conflicts of interest. Gifts, benefits or invitations that could affect business decisions must not be accepted.

Compliance with competition rules
BOXMARK employees must not engage in practices (e.g. price fixing) that are unlawful and may distort competition.

Political contributions
BOXMARK does not donate money to politicians or political parties.

Confidentiality, trade secrets and privacy
BOXMARK employees are obliged to handle trade secrets and non-public information as confidential and not to disclose them to unauthorized persons. This also applies to personal data in the context of data privacy.

Observance of human rights
Human rights are observed and human dignity is respected and protected at BOXMARK.

Prohibition of forced labor
There is no forced labor at BOXMARK. All employees work for this company at their own free will.

Prohibition of discrimination
There is no toleration whatsoever of discrimination on religious, cultural, ethnic or other grounds at BOXMARK. Any discriminatory action by employees at any level will be prosecuted under labor law. Diversity is part of everyday practice at BOXMARK. The facility in Feldbach, which employs people of 26 different nationalities, is an example of this.

Prohibition of child labor
Child labor is strictly rejected at BOXMARK. With the exception of trainees (after the 9th year of school) and summer interns (from 16 years of age), we only employ persons from the age of 18 years or older. Each facility has a centralized system for collecting and managing the employee master data, coupled to an access control system with time tracking. This makes illegal employment and non-observance of age limits impossible.

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