People and Workplace

The steady development of the staff as a foundation for ensuring the productivity of BOXMARK requires the implementation of attractive labor and social concepts. Key objectives are the creation of optimal working conditions and development opportunities for our employees. Occupational health and safety is a top priority at BOXMARK and not just a legal obligation.

Human resources development
Our labor-intensive production methods ensure that the quality and results of our products are strongly influenced by our employees. We thus place great emphasis on human resources planning and the continuous training of our employees. Our ongoing staff development processes are supported across all our facilities by means of an intranet, a diverse range of seminars, job descriptions for each position, requirement profiles, qualification matrices and defined workflow processes.

Corporate goal: training our employees
Our current and future success depends on the qualification and motivation of our employees. The education and training of our employees is thus a high priority. We offer various education and training modules for our employees, thus investing both in their and our future.

Apprenticeship training
The Feldbach and Jennersdorf facilities are training companies for various professions (Tanners, Metal technicians/Metalworking technicians, Electrical engineers/Process control engineers, Chemistry laboratory technicians, IT technicians and Industrial business management assistants). Our apprenticeships can be completed by the normal procedure (ordinary apprenticeship) or, under certain conditions, in a fast-track procedure as part of continuing education (extraordinary apprenticeship). In addition, our employees can complete their apprenticeship together with their higher education entrance qualification / vocational school leaving certificate.

HR metrics
Our corporate goal is to create working conditions that reduce the absenteeism of our production and administration employees due to sickness to a maximum of four per cent. This goal will be reached through targeted training on occupational safety and optimization of occupational safety at the workstations. Regular rotation cycles in defined areas and optimization of ergonomics at the workstations are preventative measures to be taken. Another corporate goal is to reduce quarterly fluctuation to a maximum of four per cent. Target attainment will be checked by means of selected training programs for managers, annual employee appraisals, employee awards for long-serving employees, wage classification according to a wage scheme (increases, new entrants) and targeted personnel development measures (qualification matrix, job descriptions, rotation cycles etc.).

Anniversary celebration in 2019

Punctual salary payments and compliance with minimum salaries and minimum wages
Our wages and salaries are based on the collective agreement of the leather manufacturing industry. All minimum salaries and minimum wages are complied with or exceeded. The wage and salary payments are made punctually at mid-month or month’s end.

Right to wage and salary negotiations
Annual collective bargaining negotiations take place between employee and employer representatives.

Reasonable working hours and compliance with break periods
Our employees have the right to an adequate balance between work and leisure time. Rest periods are integrated into all working time models. Additional work on weekends, Sundays and public holidays is required exclusively in special cases. Rest periods and weekend rest are complied with. All employees have a right to adequate holiday leave. A working hours officer has been appointed to ensure compliance with working hours.

Employees'-right to compliance with safety and health in the workplace
The safety and health of our employees is very important to us. Each employee thus has the right to a safe workplace. All our jobs are regularly evaluated by our safety officer and our occupational physician in terms of work safety and accident prevention. Measures to improve occupational health and safety are taken on a regular basis to avoid accidents and occupational illnesses. Our employees are provided with adequate protective equipment and working clothes, depending on their job. Our company physician is also an essential part of our preventative health measures. Regular examinations check the physical fitness of our employees for their individual jobs. In order to guarantee and verify occupational safety, we have appointed and trained responsible officers: safety officer, fire prevention officer, hazardous materials officer and safety representatives. Employees are trained on a regular basis to become operational first responders (more than the legal requirements) and are thereafter given further training.

Additional health promotion for employees
To encourage employees to engage in sports activities and thus promote their own health, BOXMARK sponsors the participation of employees at sports events. A big running event is held in Graz every year, in which several staff teams regularly participate. BOXMARK contributes the required entry fee for the teams and sponsors some of their sportswear.


Employees' right to a works council
There are elected employees’ representatives (works council) at each facility. The cooperation between the individual representatives and the facility managers is good. Training, premises, work equipment, etc. are provided to the employees' representatives. The chairman of the works council is exempted from work.

Intercultural understanding
Company policy in the form of standardized documents – prepared in accordance with quality management guidelines – ensures intercultural understanding across facilities. Selected employees from the different facilities complete an international training and exchange program.

Company canteen and organized food service
Our company canteen constitutes a significant social benefit for our employees. Local conditions and the legal framework permitting, the individual facilities have a company-financed canteen with minimal cost sharing on the part of employees. Should local regulations not permit a canteen, the respective company management organizes a food service.

Social fund for employees
BOXMARK has for many years now established a social fund for its employees. The fund uses donations to support employees whose families or who themselves have experienced misfortune or who fall on hard times through no fault of their own. This social fund allows BOXMARK to rapidly provide urgent assistance.

Management staff sustainability
Our management staff undergo regular management training. Junior managers are offered internal trainee programs and external further training. There are regular meetings between HR managers from production and the HR department. Our management staff are regularly informed and trained internally with respect to new personnel development measures (e.g. institutionalized appraisal interviews, processing of the employee qualification matrix, etc.).

Priorities are:
· Challenging and encouraging employees
· Managing teams with and without hierarchical/disciplinary responsibility
· Correct delegation and verification of work packages
· Feedback sessions with employees
· Communication with Supervisors
· Self and time management as a Manager
· Developing and encouraging their own management style

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