Several by-products occur during the production of grain and split leather. These by-products are partly further processed by BOXMARK or sold to various industries as processed products.

The Split Neck

The so-called split neck comes from the bend production which again is processed to split leather. BOXMARK mainly sells this split neck for sausage skin production on a collagen fiber basis.

The Split Belly

The so-called split belly, which is primarily used for gelatine production, is another by-product that comes from butting split skin.


Is a valuable, tasteless foodstuff and is used as a basic material for the following purposes:

  • Gelatinize, stabilize and bind food
  • Clarify wine and juices and remove undesired flavours
  • For hard and soft capsules
  • Protective coating of pills and dragées

Industrially Produced Gelatine

It is a valuable basic food stuff which is used for the following:

  • As a base layer of light-sensitive substances on films and photo paper
  • Sand paper
  • Banknotes and paper for shares
  • Matches
  • Glue for industrial packaging
  • Books and catalogues
  • Adhesive tape rolls
  • Luxury packaging
  • Dye fixation for flimsy paper
  • Much more

Machine Glue Stock and Shavings

Recycling materials such as glue stock and shavings which occur in the beamhouse during leather production are processed to highly-valuable industrial greases and proteins in the in-house treatment plant.

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