R & D Center - Leather and Design

The process of the conscious design and coloring of a product which lives up both to the aesthetics, usefulness and functionality of the manufactured item is a great challenge for every modern-day industrial designer.

An appealing design is a primary feature of a product and often evokes emotional bonds. An appealing design also generates harmony between functionality and visual appearance and eventually itself becomes a part of the usefulness of the created item.

Metallic finish

Diversity of embossments

Creation and design of the company’s logo

Form perforation

Our daily challenge consists of spotting and developing new leather articles, colors and embossments, properties which convey the perfect feel and up-to-date form and design for our customers. We have made it our business to completely realise and implement the design concepts of our partners both emotionally and technically. And, what is more, it is our goal to finally create approaches and solutions that stand out from the rest and perfectly set the perceived value of the interior equipment in scene”. Thorsten Buhl, PS&DC

Thanks to the professional long-standing experience and know-how of our staff, we are your best partner to realize your individual wishes. Please let us be a part of your very own personal notion of colors, qualities, feel and emotion.

In the experimental tannery in Feldbach we are continuously and meticulously testing both optimised and new products such as tanning materials, fats and dyes with regard to production and chemical processes. It is the only way to maintain and permanently improve the state-of-the-art technologies relating both to the ecological and qualitative requirements of the leather products.


Soiling behaviour

Design detail


Due to innovative research on the surface texture of the leather it is possible to considerably improve the performance characteristics as far as dirt, wear, leather creaking and a reduced surface temperature are concerned.

It is one of the BOXMARK company’s ultimate objectives to meet the ever increasing technical requirements of its partners, and, despite these challenges, to maintain the uniqueness and emotional attraction of leather as a natural product.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to talk directly to our Research and Development Center Leather & Design.

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