R & D Center - Interior and Design

As an international supplier of complete solutions, BOXMARK with its research and development centre has for decades been playing a crucial role in the automotive industry when it comes to developing and producing automotive interiors. Due to the increased demand from other industries, extensive expansion and modernization were carried out over the last few years and acquired a number of new technical facilities.

These include, for example, 3 D scanners and state-of-the-art computing systems which allow a virtual development of prototypes, as well as CNC-controlled machines, band saws and milling machines. As a technology leader and on the basis of its existing know-how, BOXMARK is also able to create foam models, perform foam reconstructions and add upholstery to existing seat systems and add-on components.

Your visions – our custom-tailored product solutions

The desire for a perfect piece of uniqueness is the starting point for all development projects carried out by BOXMARK. A quick understanding of a customer’s ideas, attention to detail and creativity, as well as highly qualified employees provide the basis for a reliable realisation of visions. The company tackles all kinds of different challenges – we produce single components, workpieces, samples or prototypes for serial production. Be it new leather seat covers for vehicles, sophisticated and well-designed furnishings for aircraft, ships and trains, trendy and stylish wall coverings and building constructions or classic seating furniture – our innovation workshop produces all types of interiors. Fitting accuracy and functionality are meticulously tested. Ideas are brought to life through the dexterity, direct customer contact and experience of our technicians.

If you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to talk directly to our Research and Development Center Interior & Design.

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