All BOXMARK upholstery leather is of European origin and, at minimum, complies with EN 13336 or DGM 2016 (RAL GZ 430).

KING is an embossed and pigmented bull hide leather of European origin with a thickness of 1.0 to 1.5 mm. It is available in 20 standard colors and different embossing. On request, special colors can be developed with the outstanding technical standards of this collection. Due to its customer-specific design options, this leather can be used in all areas of industry. The skin size averages around 4.5 m2.

KING has high ratings as far as abrasion resistance, resistance to fading, and resistance to soiling and cleaning agents are concerned. The easy-care and stain-resistant surface reduces the maintenance and cleaning effort. Due to the high levels of tensile and tear strength, this leather can be used universally and is also suitable for complex upholstery solutions.

Due to its high quality, KING is suitable for manufacturing furniture and furnishings for the contract sectors, as well as for various public areas such as aircraft, railway cars and ships. This leather is also very well suited for refitting and after sales treatment of vehicles in the automotive sector.


Please keep in mind, that the colors might deviate significantly depending on the screen quality and are thus non-binding.

Here you can request Original Leather and Embossed Samples

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