International Women's Day - still a long way to go

International Women's Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8, with the aim of raising awareness in society for the equal participation of women in working life, as well as in political decision-making processes and social resources. Boxmark also uses this day to draw attention to equality and women's rights.

We still live in structures with outdated role models. The mother stays at home with the child, the father brings home the money: this model is still considered "normal" in many families. In this constellation, women lose out in the long run: After taking a longer break, it is usually difficult to return to the old job; moreover, women with children work part-time much more often than men and earn less money overall. As a result, women are much more often at risk of old-age poverty than men - or financially dependent on their husbands.

In addition to economic disadvantages, women around the world are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and forced prostitution, forced marriages and lack of access to education. However, violence against women is not exclusively a problem in developing countries. Even in Germany, one in three women is a victim of physical and/or sexual violence at least once in her life.

Let's use this and the other 364 days of the year to achieve the full and equal participation of women in political, civic, economic, social and cultural life, at regional, national and international level, and to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination!

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