What we offer

  • Fair and safe working conditions
  • Occupational health & company physician
  • A long-term employment contract
  • Company car park
  • Internal and external development opportunities
  • Assumption of responsibility within a remit
  • International character – versatile opportunities within the constantly growing corporate structure
  • Work-life balance through different, flexible production time models
  • Cost-efficient staff canteen
  • Modern IT infrastructure
  • Basic and advanced training opportunities
  • Training on the job – internal training and development opportunities


Fair and safe working conditions

BOXMARK provides for fair and safe working conditions. We treat our staff with respect, give fair and appropriate remuneration for the services provided by our staff, offer a number of social benefits and ensure that our employees are protected against potential hazards and illness in the workplace.

Safety and occupational health

All our jobs are regularly evaluated by our safety officer and our occupational physician in terms of work safety and accident prevention. Measures to improve occupational health and safety are taken on a regular basis to avoid accidents and occupational illnesses. Our company physician is also an essential part of our preventative health measures. Regular examinations check the physical fitness of our employees for their individual jobs.


A significant factor for the satisfaction, motivation and performance of employees is the reconciliation between work and leisure. To safeguard the work-life balance, we use different production time models at BOXMARK. Compliance with breaks and rest periods is very important to ensure that our employees have sufficient time for recreation and private life.

Basic and advanced training

We need qualified and hard-working employees to safeguard corporate success and premium quality of our products. Therefore we offer our employees a number of development opportunities in the form of various basic and advanced training modules, thus investing in both their and our future.

International character

BOXMARK has production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our international network offers our employees the opportunity to gain experience abroad, from which they can benefit both personally and professionally. Be it within the context of business trips, training and exchange programs, internships or postings, we offer a wide range of opportunities to work abroad and to participate in an intercultural exchange and advanced training.

Benefits and social welfare

In addition to a safe and appealing working environment, BOXMARK offers a number of benefits. Our employees can park their vehicles in the company car park. As far as possible, the individual locations have a canteen, which is subsidized by the company, thus keeping the employees’ share of the cost low. BOXMARK sponsors sporting activities of its employees within the context of events. Furthermore, in order to be able to provide urgent help for employees in emergencies, BOXMARK set up a social fund several years ago.

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