BOXMARK sews up to 6,000 respirators a day

In order to counter the impending shortage of respirators in Slovenia, Boxmark offered simple and non-bureaucratic help. Around 150 employees sew up to 6,000 masks a day at the plant in Kidricevo, Slovenia, which are primarily intended for employees in the health professions.

The stock of breathing masks in Slovenia has already reached a critically low level. A development that prompted Marjan Trobis, managing director of the Slovenian Boxmark location, to provide unbureaucratic help. “In our company we have the appropriate equipment and many highly qualified seamstresses. We have offered these resources to the Slovenian government,” said Trobis. The required materials were delivered within a very short time, so that production could already begin on March 24.

Since then, around 150 employees have been producing up to 6,000 of the much-needed masks every day in two-shift operation. “Like many companies, we will also cease production due to the current situation. And yet, countless employees spontaneously agreed to help,” Trobis is proud of his team. Of course, all possible measures are taken to protect them. The workplaces are at least three meters apart and all seamstresses are equipped with protective masks. When changing shifts, care is also taken to ensure that the greatest possible distance is maintained.

For the moment the promotion is not limited in time. "As long as we are needed, we will try to be there," Trobis promises and adds: "As one of the leading companies in Slovenia, we want to support the country and its people in this difficult time as a strategic partner of the government."

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