BOXMARK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality upholstery leather. As a trendsetter of chrome-free tanning, BOXMARK specialises in the manufacture and processing of high-end upholstery leathers for the upmarket interior and exterior sector. From the hands of the world's best tanners emerges a quality product that is more than just a material. For them, leather is pure passion.

The history of BOXMARK is inseparably linked to the production and processing of leather as a natural product. Traditional leather production for over 200 years’ ranges from vegetable-tanned sole leather, shoe leather and chamois to the modern-day industrial production and processing of high-class upholstery leather for different industry sectors.

We supply the premium segment of the automotive, furniture, railway, ship and aircraft industry. BOXMARK focuses on international trade. 99% of our products are exported. 

BOXMARK has production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our goal is to advance the expansion in selected target markets.

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